What are the benefits of Body Chi Me Essentials?

What are the benefits of an Expanded account?

Is my data safe and secure?

Do you have a refund policy for accounts?

Booking Management System

Can I make changes to a booking that someone has made, ie: change staff if one is sick?

If people call or rebook when they are in the clinic, how do I make sure the spot is noted as unavailable on the Body Chi Me site

I work only three days a week. What about the other days?

Won't I lose that personal relationship with the customer through internet bookings?

What if a client wants to cancel a booking?


What happens if someone gives an unfair review?

How does the search function work? In what order will the businesses be displayed?

Why Body Chi Me?

Do I need to download anything?

Can I import data from another software?


How will new customers find out about Body Chi Me?


Can I add promotional material, like my pamphlets, to my profile?

If I have several locations, can I link them and/or copy over the services offered?

What happens to my reviews if I upgrade?

Can I list multiple employees for my business?

How many services can I offer?

Tech Support

Can someone help me with setting up my profile and understanding the features of the platform?

Beyond technical support, how can I get ongoing help with the software?

What are your technical support hours?


What is your Cancellation Policy?

What if I just want to change the date and/or time of the booking?

If I am going to be late, or need to cancel last minute, who do I contact?


Is my data safe and secure?

Why do I need a Dashboard?


Can I alter my review after it's published?