Grow your business faster by letting more customers find you

Showcase your services to browsers who are interested in exactly what you offer, and let them get in touch instantly.

Why Use Body Chi Me?

Finding new customers doesn’t have to be stressful, and you don’t need to invest in expensive marketing. Body Chi Me
makes finding your business, making enquiries, and booking appointments a breeze for your customers.

Get more customers for your partner businesses

Businesses only appear to people in their area looking for what they offer. This means less noise, less competition, and more relevance for customers.

Generates revenue without any extra work

It takes less than 5 minutes to get started. A streamlined system guides customers from their first search to an appointment—without any input from the businesses.

Let happy customers do the selling

A rating & review system lets customers share their great experiences.


The partner program lets Associations, franchises, and other industry parties create an extra income stream while generating extra business for their partners.

Step 1: Register

Step 1: Register

You will receive a unique partner code immediately after registering, which you can share with each of your member businesses.

Step 2: Add your partners

Step 2: Add your partners

Businesses that sign up using your partner code will get a one year free trial of whichever package they choose and 10% off for the lifetime of the subscription.

Step 3: get your share

Step 3: get your share

Once the 12 month trial period ends, you will start receiving your payments.