Why get a Massage ?

Most people agree that when they hear the word “Relaxation” or “Rest” synonymously “Massage” would pop up into their mind as well. Why? you ask, well let me tell you.

Let’s start at the beginning with a little history lesson. Massage therapy dates as far back as 3000 BCE in India, considered a sacred system of natural healing in which it was used in Ayurveda “life health” medicine. It has since then continued to be practiced and evolve, not just in India but across the world like China, Japan, Egypt, Greece, Italy, and many more.

Massage therapy is offered globally in a variety of techniques that cater to different types of mental and physical ailments, here are some examples that might also help you in deciding what massage is best for you;

Swedish Massage, is one of the more known types as it is perfect for people who are new to massages because of its gentle approach and focus to release muscle tension.

Deep Tissue Massage, on the other hand, is great for those who experience chronic muscle pain that has severe soreness as it applies more concentrated pressure to problem areas of your body.

Thai Massage, perfect for people who want to feel energized after a session as this centers on getting your body’s blood circulation on the right track through stretching and twisting while placing appropriate pressure.

Aromatherapy Massage is more of a relaxation-themed type as it is a combination of therapeutic touch with the use of essential oils that helps to ease not just the muscles but the mind as well.

Acupressure Massage involves a lot of knowledge of the human anatomy as the practice centers on applying pressure to certain points on the body to address ailments. For example, if you complained of soreness in your arms the acupressure would then be applied to certain fingers on your hands that are considered connected points to your arms. 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a gentler and less pressure-focused massage as it involves being able to manipulate specific areas of your body to help lymph move to an area with working lymph vessels which reduces water retention and skin swelling.

In depth medical benefits of massage therapy have also been discussed by the Mayo Clinic and what diseases it has supported in relief of pain and stress.

Today massage therapy has become more than a healing technique it has also turned into a lifestyle, and need and is desired by many. It is part of people’s everyday lives, including in most schedules and events. Whether it’s a day out with friends at the spa, a company retreat, a charity run, festivals, shows, and even expos. 

Getting a massage has become more than therapeutic, it is considered by many as a reward for a job well done after a hard day of work or a means of solidifying bonds of friendships and family or simply just being able to show your body some love. That is why it isn’t unusual to be able to find massage places or spas near you, as it has become part of everyday living. 

After reading all that, what is stopping you from looking up a “massage near me now”? This is the push you need to get that well-deserved “Me Time”, reward yourself or your loved one with a healing touch.

Francis O'Palick 24/10/2022

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