Blowouts, Are They Worth It?

The straightforward description of a blowout is that it involves washing, conditioning, and blow-drying the hair into a certain style, sounds easy right? Well, there’s a lot of technique that goes into a blowout. When getting a blowout you usually want to achieve one of three goals;

  • Sleek, Lucious and Straight Hair, this type of blowout can be achieved by using a round or flat brush while blow drying and making sure to keep the brush completely straight throughout the ends of your hair.
  • Fabulous Bouncy and Volume for Days Hair, this type of blowout can be achieved by pulling your round brush straight up while blow drying and brushing through with your fingers.
  • Red Carpet Ready Big & Loose Curls, this type of blowout can be achieved by blow drying from root to end and continuing to rotate the round brush the entire time to keep maximum tension then rolling the round brush up from the ends towards the roots and keep rolling up and down to create a curl.

So, you are probably thinking “I can do that at home!” as most of us today have mastered the art of being able to style our own hair. However, what we fail to see when getting a blowout at the salon is the benefits;

  • Hair cleansing with salon shampoos that have been formulated and infused with multiple hair treatments.
  • Hair conditioning is mostly done with leave-in conditioners to help in maintaining soft and silky locks. 
  • Blow drying technique, although we can learn lots of techniques on our own, hairstylists tend to have better techniques to offer that can help in prolonging the life of your blow-dried hair.
  • Hair-protecting products are mostly used before and after your blowout, nothing beats the care of a hair expert.
  • Relaxing and sitting back vs rushing out the door with a curling iron in tow is certainly a plus every gal needs. It makes the experience of keeping your hair pretty, much more exciting than feeling like a daunting task.

At this point you are more than sold but wonder “What type of blowout should I get”, let me make it a little bit easier for you by sharing the top blowouts today:

  • Brazilian Blowout leaves hair frizz-free for months by applying a liquid keratin formula to the hair to smooth the cuticle, then sealing the treatment with heat.
  • Korean Blowout consists of straightening the majority of your hair except for the ends, which are curled. Fresh and bouncy hair that lasts for months.
  • American or French Blowout is very similar to one another as it focuses on achieving the “natural look” by creating volume through smooth loose waves that can last for days.

Whether it’s a blowout that’ll last you days or months, there is no question that it is certainly worth the spend. Wait no further, go treat yourself and look up the nearest salon, consult with a stylist, book a blowout today and get that bouncy volumized hair you want and need!

Francis O'Palick 09/01/2023

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