A Quick Intro to India’s Wedding Season

To clearly understand the wedding season in India, we must ask the obvious questions;

When does it start? After Diwali, which is between November to March. These periods have several auspicious dates according to the Hindu calendar which is called Muhurats (holy dates), a high number of weddings tend to occur during said months, and in most cases, the wedding happens only after the Guruji or Panditji (religious heads) approves the date. 

What is an Indian wedding? It is a colorful, lively & cultural event with the celebration lasting more than a few days. The wedding consists of three parts, the Haldi, the Mehndi, and the Sangeet which all play a very important role in the celebration of the union of two people. Ok, don’t feel lost because let us now break down the three ceremonies:

  • The Haldi is a ceremony in which the purpose of the ritual is to get the bride and groom ready by cleansing and purifying the couple’s body before their wedding. The bride and groom are covered with the Haldi paste by family members who apply the paste to their faces, necks, hands, and feet.
  • The Mehndi is a ceremony that is to be held the night before the wedding as a way of wishing the bride good health and prosperity. It is organized by the Bride’s family bringing together the female components of each side with the main focus of the application of the bridal mehndi or henna design, to their hands and feet.
  • The Sangeet, a ceremony directly translated as the Musical Night is usually celebrated by song and dance. It symbolizes the joy and happiness of the welcoming of the union of the couple and the unity of two families.

What does one wear? In Indian culture, red is worn in most religious rites as it symbolizes the Hindu deity Durga, which signifies new beginnings and feminine strength. So it isn’t surprising to see the bride wearing such an honored color on her wedding day, while guests are encouraged to wear other vibrant colors except for white as it symbolizes mourning in Indian culture. Now let’s get to know a little bit more about the wedding wardrobe.

  • Lehenga or Saree is the traditional Indian bridal attire worn depending on their region of origin. A Lehenga is a three-piece ensemble that consists of a long ankle-length skirt, a well-fitted blouse top known as the choli, and a scarf to drape around the outfit, known as the dupatta; while the Saree is an unstitched long cloth draped around the waist and body. More modern brides have a combination of the Lehenga & Saree.
  • Sherwani is the traditional Indian groom attire, a long-sleeved, dress-like top that extends to the groom’s knees that are worn over a pair of skinny churidar pants. Imagine an embellished version of a western suit.

What should I do next? Remember, a lot of planning and preparation are needed during this hectic season so make sure to get a head start. If you are a bride or groom, or even an honored guest, make sure you find the best beauty salon near you or your event place. Beauty salons also offer parlour packages for your special ceremonies during this wedding season.

Francis O'Palick 21/11/2022

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